Late Nite Eats: Episode 11 - Sacramento

Welcome to Sacramento

The food scene is fueled by chefs who come up from the San Francisco Bay area in order to flex their culinary wings, meaning Sacramento is the home of exceptionally executed food in a city that doesn't have the panache as a big metropolitan area! All of the food was amazing... so amazing that it might be the best food that I've had so far! The areas surrounding the city are plush, meaning perfect environments for growing produce that boast great, natural taste without needing manipulation or alteration, which I'm all about!

Where I Ate

Chando's Cantina: I've lived in Southern California, where the Mexican influence on culinary-related things is huge. Chando's for sure follows suit by paying homage to authentic Mexican food, and the fact that the owner, Chando, was an Apple employee, not a trained chef, makes the quality of the food that much better! The drinks (the tequila selection specifically!) are great, too. This visit hit close to home, because my NYC Filipino taqueria, Flip Sigi, could stand to take some notes - my hat is off to chef Lisandro Madrigal!

Food sampled:

  • Asada Pambazo: Mexican Freshly Baked Rustic Bread, dipped in Mom's Enchilada Mole Sauce then seared and filled with Chando's Cantina Papa Con Chorizo, Lettuce, Queso Fresco, Crema Mexicana, & Salsa
  • Alitas Ahumadas: Whole Smoked and Fried Jumbo Chicken Wings with Chando's Poblano Sauce, Chando's Mole Rojo Sauce, & Chando's Special Sauce

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Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company: Chef Matt Masera delivered the best food that I tried while visiting Sacramento! I loved the whole vibe of the restaurant, and the entire crew showed us such great hospitality (plus the added bonus of showing me the value of Sacramento as a city in which I should consider opening up!). Who knew that I could find pizza that rivals my NYC favorites in California?!

Food sampled:

  • Salumi Pizza: 3 Salumi and Cheeses with Accouterment 
  • Lemon Arancini: Burnt Lemon and Fontina, Pistachio Puree 

late nite eats, jordan andino, sacramento, cooking channel, hook and ladder manufacturing company

Sauced BBQ and Spirits: So far, I've tried some great barbecue while filming Late Nite Eats, and BBQ by Sauced's chef Kyle Woodfill joins that list as an absolute standout. I'd even go as far to say that it goes up against the great southern BBQ that I tried in Atlanta and Charleston! The restaurant (situated next to the stadium, home to the Sacramento Kings) is large, built with high volume - AND high quality - in mind.

Food sampled:

  • The Dougie: Sharp Cheddar And Pepper Jack, Sliced Brisket, Applewood Bacon, Fried Onion Strings, BBQ Ranch, Tin Roof and Pickles 
  • Bumpkins: 3 BBQ Egg Rolls with Brisket, Pimento Cheese, Sautéed Onion, Roasted Poblano and Roasted Corn, served with Chipotle Blackberry BBQ Sauces

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My SacramentoTip

Stay in the city's center to take advantage of the convenience to some of my favorite visited places (for example, definitely make sure to explore the main city hall). Visit some of the surrounding areas to get your hands on some amazing local produce, and, if you're in the mood for discovering some great bars and experiencing some enjoyable sightseeing, check out locations around the Kings' stadium. Things are in relatively close proximity to one another, so much so that you can easily hop from point A to B by walking, biking, or skate boarding, which lends itself to creating very active itineraries.

My Sacramento Anthem

Dr. Dre. feat. Tupac - California Love

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