Late Nite Eats: Episode 3 - Portland

Welcome to Portland

Portland, Maine is home to some of the most incredible food in the country. You’ll find fresh seafood and chowder on every corner, as well as streets lined with donut shops and ice cream parlors galore! When it comes to beautiful views, amazing streets, and great prices, Portland may have very well been the best city I visited.

Where I Ate

Rhum, Food + Grog: A hidden basement refuge that's away from the main old town. Located between the two main hubs of Portland, it has amazingly fun drinks and good food. The concept is great because it's full tiki. The food was simple and well-executed by Chef Chad Egeland – no frills Polynesian food that is very Americanized. The drinks made by Trevin Hutchins are fun, and the whole vibe is good for a place that's cold 7 months of the year.

Food and drink sampled:

  • Spicy Tiki Wings: All Natural Chicken Wings, Sweet Chili Sauce, CrÄ—ma and Scallions
  • Beef Short Rib Skewers: Teriyaki with Scallion and Sesame
  • The Honeymoon: Cynar 70, Allspice, Passion Fruit and Grapefruit

Nosh Kitchen Bar: A fun, loud, and boisterous spot. This place is what America is about… insanely sized sandwiches, beer and burgers! Chef Justin Hogan looks a lot like Bobby Flay, so much so that quite frankly it's slightly scary. The food is good, but be ready for some greasy and fatty eats!

Food sampled:

  • Mac ‘N Stack: NOSH Patty, 2 Fried Mac ’N Cheese Patties as Buns, American Cheese, Smoked BBQ Sauce and Smoked Bacon
  • Polenta Cheese Fries: Creamy Cheddar Polenta, Jalapeño Sauce, Scallions, Fresno Peppers, Fried Garlic, Arugula and Lemon Olive Oil

Jordan Andino, Late Nite Eats, Cooking Channel, Portland, Nosh Kitchen Bar, Polenta Cheese Fries

Liquid Riot Bottling Company: Brewery, distillery and restaurant! An insane combo, but one that’s done incredibly well. Think large beer garden vibe indoors with a 100 seat patio that overlooks the wharf – located almost directly over the water! Not only does Chef Joshua Doria’s food really hit the spot, but this place clearly has fun takes on booze. A prime destination for large groups during the day or night, made even better by the people who work there!

Food sampled:

  • Lobster Sliders: Lobster Roll, Sherry Brown Butter and Herbs
  • Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich: Fernet Michaud Ice Cream in between 100% Spent Grain Cookies

Jordan Andino, Late Nite Eats, Cooking Channel, Portland, Liquid Riot, Liquid Riot Bottling Company, Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich

My Montreal Tip

Stay in Old Port! Go to Lincolns, a speakeasy behind a wall-mounted flour pot down a set of stairs underneath Market Street – $5 for everything at the bar (cash only)! It gets rowdy at night, a definite f*cking party on Fridays and Saturdays, that’s for sure! In addition to the three locations noted above, I also highly recommend swinging by two more of my favorite spots: Eventide and Portland Lobster Co.

My Montreal Anthem

Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

Miss The Episode?

Don't sweat it - here are the upcoming airings of Late Nite Eats Portland:

  • Saturday, November 4 at 9pm ET
  • Sunday, November 5 at 1am ET

Photos courtesy of the Cooking Channel

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