Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 1 - Washington D.C.

Welcome to Washington D.C.

DC as a whole is definitely winning! Other than NYC and SF, this town was the best food city I've been to. I ate at so many great restaurants and I know there are so many more I didn't get to try. MUST GO BACK! Although the restaurants I visited for the show were great, I'd have to say that Bad Saint and Zaytinya are now some of my favorite restaurants in the country. Keep reading for a break down all the great places I got to experience in Washington D.C.



Restaurants Visited for Show


The restaurant was modeled to look and feel like a Chinese street market. The 3 owners own 5 restaurants in the area and have a great model down for good service, good food, and great drinks. Weird that 3 white dudes opened up an "Authentic Chinese St. market" but hey, I'm all for cultural appropriation as long those people are treating the cultures with respect, integrity, and are truly trying to replicate something that spoke to them

Food sampled:

  • Bubble Waffle Cone: Topped with lychee ice cream, sprinkles, Pocky, caramel, chocolate sauce - An amazing dessert and something that I've always wanted to try, unfortunately I've never been to Hong Kong!



WOW. The chef here was a true talent that took a similar path to me in that he started at Blanca at Roberta's then went to JG to train with Executive Chef Mark Lapico. He's a young man whom knows how to cook and really shows it through his technique and preparation in his "simple bar food" which isn't simple at all! Great vibes and clearly the GO TO industry bar in DC.

Food sampled:

  • Porchetta Sandwich: Buttered bun, fennel puree, classic aioli, pickled and salted carrots



With butchery as part of their commissary, this restaurant does burgers and bacon right! This cheeseburger was incredible, indulgent, and cheesy! Definitely one of the better burgers I've had on the show. I love the decor here! 7350 cassettes line the wall to spell out EAT.

Food sampled:

  • Pimento Cheeseburger with Bacon


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:

WOW just wow. Go there and get the best Brussels sprouts you've ever had. Top that off with some crazy zucchini fritters and you will not be disappointed. My only gripe was that I didn't go there with a crew to order more food.

As someone who owns a Filipino taqueria and knows the difficulty of getting people to love my culture's food, this was INCREDIBLE. Arguably one of the best meals I've had in my life. The chef was humble and talented, the food was immaculately prepared, and the drinks were stellar. No wonder this was one of the best restaurants in the country a few years back. Go there, put your name down, wait the 2 hours it takes, and eat there... it is f****ing worth it.

Didn't eat here but honorable mention because I had the best Pimm's Cup (which they call the Pearl Cup) of my life here!

Another Filipino joint in DC?! This HUGE waterfront property was so fun but got mixed reviews from some of my friends. Fortunately for me, I had an amazing time. Crazy that an Irish chef opened a southeastern Asian restaurant and executes it incredibly!



Bad Saint was my favorite stop in DC. It's one of those restaurants that you must travel for and that is worth the wait. The fact that it's Filipino is huge and an amazing achievement.


• Rooftop at the Embassy Row Hotel is quite fun!
• Drinks at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace are great and in a fun area of D.C.
• Apparently DC has more southeastern Asian restaurants... my goal is to try them all.
• Stay away from the southeast area of DC. Great spots for food but certain parts can be sketchy!


Wutang Clan – “Gravel Pit”


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Photos courtesy of the Cooking Channel

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