Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 10 - Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to Philadelphia, PA

Philly is so diverse and fun that my tips list could go on forever. With that said, get to reading about all the great places I visited on my trip to Philadelphia for Late Nite Eats!


Restaurants Visited for Show


I had probably the best dessert I've had on the show here! Cheekily called the Domingo Sundae or "Sunday Sundae," this monster dessert had a churro ice cream, brownies and caramel popcorn with dulce de leche... it was magical! The restaurant was located in the Northern Liberties and had a cool vibe and good Mexican cuisine.

Food sampled:

  • "Domingo" Sundae: a brownie sundae with peanut caramel popcorn



A small dive bar in the South Philly area, it was a shock to know that some of the best wings in the city came from a little dive bar on an unassuming corner.  Here I tried their classic buffalo wings, jerk wings, and their Korean gochugang wings... all tasty! The Buffalo wings were some of the best I've had and the jerk wings were SPICY! The korean wings were a sleeper that had immense flavor. If you live the area this is definitely a spot worth visiting for a low key environment.

Food sampled:

  • Buffalo Wings with celery & bleu cheese
  • Jerk Wings with scotch bonnet pepper, exotic spices
  • Korean Wings with cashews, ginger & sesame



Boar meatloaf in the Fish Town. Nuff said :). Lloyed Whiskey Bar is a great dive bar with amazing whiskey and better than your average bar food to go along with their booze selection. It's an amazing area of town that's seeing it's renaissance now. Lloyd Whiskey Bar has been a mainstay in the neighborhood since its inception and is definitely here to stay. Expect amazing takes on classic foods.

Food sampled:

  • Wild Boar & Beef Meatloaf: mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach and tomato-almond pesto


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


It's hard to find amazing greek food that truly represents the country and it's culture. During a brisk night, this place was packed, inside and OUT, along with a line to get in. Classic greek cuisine and fun service, this restaurant is probably the BEST restaurant I went to that was NOT part of the show in the 13 cities i visited!


Located in south Philly, this italian restaurant is a diamond in the rough and quite tasty. Amazing pasta and great service in a low-key dining room, sets the stage for one of those soulful meals that you can keep going back to.


Modern cuisine in the Fish Town area, it's set in an exposed brick building with a true wood burning oven. I had the Neapolitan pizza with sausage and it was surprisingly authentic. The drink menu was elevated and the service and vibe was great. This restaurant is a perfect sign that the palate and the consumer of Fishtown is trending towards to sophisticated. HIGHLY recommend.


WM Mulherin's Sons and Zorba's Tavern were insanely good.  The wings at Taproom on 19th were some of the best i've ever had and the dessert at La Calaca Feliz was literally the best dessert i've ever had in my life.


• Visit Northern Liberties, Fish Town and Manyunk for the fun areas that aren't as touristy and crowded but still have amazing quality food, drinks and nightlife.

• Best popular cheesesteak in the city = Jim's

• Best not-known cheesesteak in the city = Sonny's

• The statue from the movie "Rocky" is NOT at the center of the steps of the museum but on the north east side... for those fans!!


Boyz II Men - “Motown Philly”... literally one of the best 90's dance songs out there.


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Photos courtesy of the Cooking Channel

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