Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 11 - San Antonio, TX

Welcome to San Antonio, TX

From a haunted hotel to an authentic dessert that reminded me of Spain, San Antonio was a city that I won't forget!


Restaurants Visited for Show


This was a traditional fried chicken shack, small and tight with a lot of character! Chef Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with and had some of the best food i've had on the show this season! I had the Deviled Eggs that he made with chicken liver and the smoked PB & J Wings with a garnish of gold! The wings were incredible and the deviled eggs are equally as tasty. The restaurant is situated in the same neighborhood that Chris grew up in and is clearly part of the fabric of the community.

Food sampled:

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Wings garnished with gold
  • Deviled Eggs made with chicken liver and caviar



Having just gotten back from Spain I can confidently say the that Toro mimics the authentic flavors of Catalonia from Chef Juan Carlos. He's trained at some of the best restaurants in Spain and has worked for restaurants totaling 7 Michelin stars. The restaurant was classy, sexy and oozed Spain in every corner. There was even a speakeasy downstairs that you have to walk through a wall to get to... VERY COOL! Here I tasted the Lemon Carlota - which is basically a Spanish version of tiramisu. The cookies are just tea cookies that are then layered with lemon whipped cream and left to set. It's one of those decadent desserts where the simplicity of it makes it taste so good!

Food sampled:

  • Lemon Carlota: Lemon zest or milk chocolate cake, layered with Maria cookies and sweet cream topped with pecans  .



Here I had sous vide Rabbit Barbacoa Tacos and they were as classic Mexican tacos as you can get! The restaurant had 99 beer taps on the wall, which they didn't even plan! It was a large restaurant located 20 min north of downtown San Antonio and the place was clearly made to do large numbers because everything from the kitchen, parking lot, and dining room was MASSIVE! The rabbit taco was meant to mimic barbacoa, the act of pit roasting meat in leaves and the sous vide got the texture perfectly, however, the smokiness that one gets from a true barbacoa meat was lacking. The toppings and the tortilla were quite authentic and stuck a cord because of how well it paid homage to real mexican cuisine.

Food sampled:

  • Rabbit Barbacoa Tacos: Oaxacan heirloom corn tortillas, avocado, salsa del dia, cotija cheese, seasonal radish and onion


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


Put it this way, we stayed in San Antonio for 5 days and I went here 5 times, getting the same thing every time.  It was that good.  Simple breakfast tacos with spinach tortillas, egg, cheese, and chorizo.


• The PB and J chicken wings were the best non-buffalo wings i've ever had, period. The wings were smoked and jelly sauce on the wings was innovative and memorable. It was dusted with gold sprinkles!
• Toro - you don't have many places that represent Spanish culture this well but Toro and Chef Juan Carlos are no joke... go there if you're headed to San Antonio.

• The Revolucion little cafe was the SOOO GOOOODDDD! The breakfast tacos were addicting. A MUST VISIT while in San Antonio.


• I stayed at the Emily Morgan Hotel and it was haunted... like straight up. So don't stay there. The hotel's fire alarm system went off 2x while we stayed there at 3am... for no reason. IT 100% felt like it was haunted... DO NOT STAY THERE!


Joe Arroyo - “Rebelion”... salsa while drinking wine and eating paella at Toro... this song just encapsulated a great visit.


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