Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 12 - Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Toronto, Canada

TORONTO! It felt so good to be home. Toronto is the city I was born and one of the three cities that helped shaped me as a person... so I just have to say that the CITY of TORONTO is the best city I went to all season. Luckily I was able to visit home 2x in 2 seasons of Late Nite Eats just showing me how blessed I am to have been given this opportunity. Find out what my favorite places to eat in my hometown are and what I thought of the restaurants I got to visit for the show below.


Restaurants Visited for Show


You always remember your the first and last of events and jobs. Laylow was special to me and the show because it was the last official day of our insane road trip and job that was season 2 of Late Nite Eats. Other than the occasion, the food was amazing and the chef here has an exuberance for life and energy that just meshed with my style and out look! The cassava cake was great and was quite similar to my grandmothers and something that's since inspired me in my own gastronomical endeavors. The restaurant is also filled with really dope art.

Food sampled:

  • Pone: A cassava and pumpkin cake served with a choice of house made ice creams



Okay first off, my Filipino brethren may immediately know that if you say the main "pronunciation" that comes to mind when reading this restaurant name is Tagalog for a male reproductive organ... lolz. Okay now the real stuff, it was new a izakaya that had good food and a cool vibe. Although not necessarily the best place i've been to, I must admit that Nancy's cool vibe and tasty food will def keep this place open in such a fun area!

Food sampled:

  • Salmon Ochazuke: Grilled teriyaki salmon, rice, with pourover of ume green tea topped with bonito, sesame and green onions



I always love when people do Mexican cuisine properly and with love. Although Poor Romeo isn't a taqueria, these gorditas were so tasty and were such a great nod to not only Mexican cuisine but Venezuelan as well, since they kind of resembled Arepas! Food and vibe was amazing and I love that they opened east of the DVP which will continue to show Toronto's growth.

Food sampled:

  • Gorditas de chorizo con papas: Potato, house chorizo, queso fresco, salsa verde, house-made gorditas


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


I honestly don't remember if I wrote about this place last season but... WHO CARES?!? Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market is literally one of the best places in the world! I've been visiting this place for 30 years now including whilst in my mom's belly. It's a cool little bakery but home to the ever famous Peameal Bacon Sandwich... which is probably my favorite sandwich in the world :)


Good Vietnamese food is hard to find and I truly base the flavor of Vietnamese food on this restaurant. And as the same as above I've been visiting this place for 30 years now including whilst in my mom's belly. I actually know the numbers on the menu when ordering instead of the names! Special wings, vermicelli salad, avocado milkshake, and of course their spring rolls... go there NOW if you're in Toronto.


• Pho Hung - literally the best Vietnamese food i've ever had... but apparently I need to go Vietnam! hahaha

• Carousel Bakery - It's the best sandwich in the world. PERIOD. It's basically pork tenderloin battered with cornmeal and seared on a flat top. Problem is that it's that easy to analyze but not easy to recreate! Also the kaiser bun makes it... GO THERE NOW!


• It's super friendly so make sure to ask anybody for directions... it's kind of weird how nice they are....lolz!

• If you're there during August and September hit up Caribana and the EX!

• The CN Tower IS that high and def worth the tourist trip

• I'm from Markham, Unionville, and the Beaches for those that care;)

• Drink Nestea and eat All Dressed CHIPS!


Drake - “Fake Love”... It's such a great song and also pretty relevant during certain times in my life!


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Photos courtesy of the Cooking Channel

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