Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 5 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax caught me by surprise. From outdoor fun to night time party spots, this city really had it all. I loved the waterfront and the bartenders always had the best suggestions on where to keep the night going. Keep reading to find out about all the places I got to visit in my time in Halifax.



Restaurants Visited for Show


1 word - decadent! This dish by Chef Lacey Doherty has everything you want in a dessert in terms of sweetness without being too sweet, great textures, and not filling you until you want to explode. The homemade chocolate peanut butter cups are amazing and really make the pie. Even better than the food was the 2 year old speakeasy. Password only and you have to obtain it from a mailing list or a friend that's on the mailing list! Love speakeasies and definitely the more mature of the places to drink in Halifax.

Food sampled:

  • Peanut Butter Pie: Topped with cookie crumbles and homemade peanut butter cups



This place was incredible because of the simplicity and the ease that hundreds of the dumplings were made. Also, cool that the Owner and Chef Heman Lee is a protégé of my father from Toronto! These dumplings are EXACTLY what you want to eat late night and help soak in all that boozing that late night Halifax offers up. The only problem is that it's a little far from the main strip of the bars but the food is worth the trip.

Food sampled:

  • Pork Dumplings: Pork and Chinese chive dumpling with soy vinaigrette



Great use of the local area in terms of where Chef Janie Bogardus' ingredients are coming from! I loved the restaurant and the views from the Dartmouth side of Halifax area made for great dining environment. The drinks here were incredible and worth trek from Downtown Halifax.

Food sampled:

  • Porchetta Sandwich: Made with fennel jam and melted cheese


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


Lobster rolls and lobster salad - honestly there were only 2 spots in all of Halifax that I found the lobster to be worthy given the geography and this one was one them! The food was great, the lobster roll meat was fresh (although the bread ratio was too high) and the lobster salad was incredible. The only downfall is that it's probably the most expensive restaurant in town!


Lobster dinner: $28 for an app, whole steamed lobster main course with 2 sides and a dessert. THIS PLACE was worth the money and the value was crazy. It looks like a diner but serves the more authentic seafood lobster dishes you'd expect in Halifax.


I had my first ever "Donair" here which is basically a gyro in pita. The difference is the quite polarizing donair sauce made of sweet cream, vinegar, garlic, and a "tzatziki" type sauce. I honestly didn't love it, but I can appreciate how and why people could go for it after a long night out.


We should have done this restaurant for the show. I got Poutine here for my sister and a burger and had an orgasm! It was so good and so tasty and all you have to do is go up and order direct from sidewalk to kitchen! This place is why LATE NITE EATS is a show and is worth a visit the second you have the drunk munchies. Best POUTINE EVER? Quite possibly…


• Willy's - go there and eat late night. It's only open after 10 pm, which speak volumes
• Noble for drinks if you're over 30, EVERYWHERE else if you're down to party ;)


• There is a large park for all the activities a little past the large fort on the top of hill in the center of the city. Go to both and have fun
• The waterfront is a great place for small food vendors and sight seeing. Make sure to stay there when you visit
• Ask the bartenders in the area where people go to party, they gave me great recs
• Bring your walking shoes because there are hills EVERYWHERE!


Celine Dion - “That's the Way it is”... when in Canada you listen to Celine's greatest hits!


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