Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 7 - Calgary, Alberta

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta

From the best tacos I've had in Canada, to having fun at casinos, Calgary is definitely a city I'd visit again. Check out where I went to eat for Late Nite Eats and more in this post.


Restaurants Visited for Show


Sometimes simple is best and these tacos by Chef Matt Davidson were surprisingly delicious. Personally, I think braising of meat is a great way to gauge a chef's prowess because it's not forgiving in seasoning and careful nuances can be detected within the liquid and the seared meat. The lamb was succulent and perfectly braised and seasoned well! The impressive part of the restaurant was their extensive tequila collection of over 200 varieties. The people were quite hospitable and super fun! Canada had yet to show me they can do authentic Mexican and this place proved me wrong.

Food sampled:

  • Lamb Barbacoa Tacos: braised lamb with lightly pickled cabbage, crema and cilantro



This is my type of restaurant! With ski-ball, basketball, connect 4, shuffle board and TV’s everywhere. The food here is better than your average bar food and gives you what you need to have fun and drink. Chef Mike Pigot also is known for his crazy hot dogs.

Food sampled:

  • Hot Parm Wings: Topped with fondue, homemade tomato sauce and garnished with bread crumbs (all gluten free)



Chef Roy Oh is a self-trained, Canadian born Korean chef who really brings the heat at this restaurant. It's the GO TO late nightspot for the entire industry in downtown Calgary and his food is a blend of modern Korean with Canadian inspiration. Here I had a Burken Cake. For those that don't know - a burken root is a long, brown root, about triple the length of a carrot and dark brown with a texture is that of a potato/carrot blend and tastes kind of like sun chokes. Also, his braised oxtail tortellini wrapped in wontons are incredibly simple and fantastic and his infectious personality is one every diner will remember. This restaurant had the best crowd and the most rowdy atmosphere.

Food sampled:

  • Burken Cake: Soy cream cheese Iicing


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


This place was expensive but worth EVERY PENNY! The whole venue is combination development with a second floor dining area, patio looking on a river, a bakery, a coffee shop, and the restaurant. Its breakfast was insane and the coffee (from those who drank it since I don't drink coffee) was incredible. The whole venue is just an efficient machine of high quality. Must go.


This was so good and little outside of downtown Calgary - around 18 minutes away to both locations. We went to the Northwest location and the whole crew was thoroughly impressed. Chef Jeff and his brother do a really good job at reinventing the breakfast diner and give it class, great ambiance and clean restaurant. Many people told me to go here and it did not disappoint, this place is a MUST GO for breakfast when headed to Calgary.


You'd think that by the name this restaurant is a diner/coffee shop... you'd be WRONG! It's one of the better quick and easy Chinese restaurants I've ever been to. It has true flavors of the classic and authentic Chinese restaurant while offering all the fixings that most chinese restaurants offer. Put it this way, I had 4 meals from his place over the 5 days I was in Calgary. SO GOOD! Gotta get the salt and spicy section of the menu: squid, pork chops or chicken wings.


• Charcut and their whole menu was absurd. From breakfast with their green shakshuka to their dinner menu and bakery... go here and taste the expensive but worth it food world of Calgary.
• Cowboy Casino - 6 minute walk from my hotel downtown. Dangerously close but a lot of fun with only $5 minimum bets.
• Western Coffee Shop was one of the best Chinese food take out restaurants I've been to in a while!
• Bro'Kin Yolk - it's Canadian breakfast with a hint of Filipino... do it.


• Visit Banff and the surrounding mountains only a 1.5 hours away. Rent a car and go... you won't be disappointed winter or summer.
• There are a lot of restaurants in and around the downtown area. Stay downtown and travel from there instead of staying on the outskirts.
• There are casinos everywhere, bring your cash and be ready to play. The ATMS within the casino charge $3.50 per withdrawal.
• Although I wasn't there for it, apparently "The Stampede" is a 10-day fair in the middle of July that basically defines Calgary; I'll see you there!


Queens of the Stone Age - “No One Knows”... It's such a fun rock song that get's everybody in the mood to get up and move, especially when setting up a TV set!


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