Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 8 - Denver, CO

Welcome to Denver, CO

I get crazy altitude sickness and I almost passed out! But beside that, our trip to Denver, Colorado was great. From delicious pies to elk lettuce wraps Denver did not dissapoint. Keep reading to get the full details from my trip.


Restaurants Visited for Show


This was quite the place to be. It's not every day that you get to meet a bunch of people that are like you in their sense of fun, humor, and hospitality. Two of the three owners here were trained by someone whom trained me in the hamptons and we all really hit it off. Their decor was out there and fun, yet sophisticated, while their food and drinks were on par with any major city in the US. I tried the Salmon Belly Tostada bites and their tacos but it's there fried chicken by Chef Ben Knaus that really takes the cake. There... started off one of the best cities i've visited on both seasons!

Food sampled:

  • Elk Lettuce Wrap: Ground Colorado elk with ginger, shallots, seared and topped with crispy garlic, white sesame, scallion and yuzu soy
  • Salmon Belly Tostada: Norwegian salmon belly tartare, Apple, jalapeño, lime, black sesame seed and ikura



Arguably the best pies i've ever had?! Both sweet and savory pies by Chef Alli Power were delectable from their assembly to the their crust. I had the pleasure of tasting their seasonal Pit Pie and it did not disappoint. The drinks were fun and the Mexican restaurant door was also so good (more of that to come!) Every season they have huge wait lists for their apple pies and I can see why... a must visit if you're in Denver.

Food sampled:

  • Pit Pie: Apricot, peach, cherry, nectarine and plum



Chef Jennifer Jasinski is probably the most decorated chef I've interview on the show. Her restaurant empire has grown in Denver and Euclid Hall has been the go-to spot for late nite eats for chefs and industry folk alike... so you know it's good! I had a classic Hawaiian dish called "Loco Moco" which is basically egg, rice and a burger patty but really got to see her Wolfgang Puck training first hand. Also we made this chili and fermented black bean marinate that I'm def going to use! Sorry Chef Jenn ;)

Food sampled:

  • Boulder Lamb "Loco Moco": Lamb burger, spicy black rice, mushroom-bacon gravy, sunny side up egg, lemongrass syrup and black garlic molasses


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


Chef Jenn from Euclid Hall created this amazing Iberian monster of a restaurant that is her crown jewel and baby in there restaurant empire. Sat down for a great bite for dinner and had fantastic octopus and amazing pizza. I will say the prices were that expensive of NYC or SF but who cares?! Good food baby... sign me up.


If you're looking for that quintessential breakfast spot I got you. Denver is known for their pork and "green chili sauce" which is a thick pepper sauce similar to a salsa verde... it's DELECTABLE! Go here for breakfast and be ready to wait because it's always packed in the AM.


This was next to Humble Pie and arguably one of the best taquerias I've ever been to. Classic Mexican food at it's best with some dank guac. HIGHLY recommend.


You'd think by the name of this restaurant that it would be beer focused... PSYCH! It's a modern take on classic cantonese and schezuan cuisine. The food was tasty and served by people who really cared. Not the best Chinese food i've ever had but definitely tasty!


Great oysters and seafood. This along with Hop Alley is located at the North end of a long strip of bars, clubs, and restaurants on Larimer ST. It's a fun strip and definitely a place to get a little crazy!


• There... or the party. Without a doubt. The hospitality and drive of the staff and owners will make for a great time no matter what!
• Machete - best taqueria that i've been to other than my own!! Classic and great tasting. You don't get this kind of Mexican food outside of California!
• Larimer St. for the winnnnnnnn. Go here and party!


• Altitude sickness is real! Be sure to acclimate your self for 2 or 3 days before doing CRAZY activities.
• Weed is legal here so... yeah that.
• Be weary of the area because most of the area is great and safe while there are some pockets that can get kind of sketchy.


John Denver - “Take Me Home, Country Roads”... you kind of have to when Dumb and Dumber is one of your favorite movies!


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