Late Nite Eats: Season 2 Episode 9 - Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is like Chicago's little brother and a fun spot to get away from Chicago for the night. It was here where I had a dish that changed my life. Keep reading to find out what it was...


Restaurants Visited for Show


This restaurant was fun and even had personal bottles of Jameson for guests to keep there and consume as they will. It took a typical midwestern bar and gave it some class in a large space. Located right near the Bucks stadium the whole area is known for the late night parties! The people here were fun and the food was delicious without being so out there and innovative.

Food sampled:

  • Wisco Burger: 1/3 lb smashed butter burger, cheddar, muenster, bourbon cider thick cut bacon, pulled bacon and bier cheese sauce on a pretzel bun



This season I had two dishes that were literally life changing... this was one of them. The innovation and the creativity in this dish was spectacular and made me think about what I can do to combine different flavors. Although the guests here were a little bit older, the area was CRAZY busy during the weekend and a lot of fun. This restaurant is the classy option in a rather busy and young part of town. This dish was wow... just wow. Milwaukee may be known for it's beer, cheeses and meats but this took that concept and gave me something i never would have thought of!

Food sampled:

  • Manchego Brülée: Manchego cheese custard, crispy pork, salted caramel and toasted baguette



Sausages on sausages! Super tasty and a small little place with great hospitality from the owners. The homemade sausages were a nice change of pace from mass produced ones and the flavors imparted were because they are homemade. I tried the Hoo Kee Phed with the spicy green papaya salad and was a close rendition of the Laotian green papaya salad.

Food sampled:

  • Hoo Kee Phed: Pork, lamb, Thai chili, galangal with green papaya salad and sweet potato puree


Restaurants Visited NOT on Show:


This was a typical bar/tavern that had nothing special or crazy about it. It wasn't on the show, yet I went here 3 times in 5 days. The reuben and the brussel sprouts here were classic and tasty without trying to be something they weren't. The beers were cheap and the food was well worth the small price for that great of quality.


• The prices! All food and beers here are so cheap! Also, the waterfront is beautiful. Landlords and business owners here must make a killing because they have the population to do well and yet don't pay anything near what we pay in the city for rent and other fixed costs!
• Balzac was a special restaurant because of the decor and the theme but mainly because of the Manchego Brulee with pork belly. This dish was so innovative that my mind was fully blown!


• The three main party areas in the city were highlighted by each of the restaurants we visited. Along with the food and the restaurants being fun, they were situated within areas that just teemed with a fun and lively night life.


Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - “I Like It”... such a good song and catchy as hell... how could I not listen to it?!?


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